Shizzle Marketing - A High-ROI & Strategic Marketing Agency is Live and Ready to Drive You to New Heights

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A New Marketing Agency led by Industry Experts Take on the Challenge to Get Businesses from Zero to Hero

(Houston, TX, November 02, 2020) - Shizzle Marketing, a high-ROI and Strategic marketing agency, opened its doors today to all businesses’ marketing needs under one roof.

Founded in 2020 by CEO Mike Hogan - a serial entrepreneur with a developer background - together with his team.

Shizzle is a holistic marketing agency that can cover all businesses’ marketing aspects. Mike and his team build companies with the goal of selling them and they saw the struggles of businesses with their marketing needs. Hence, Shizzle Marketing was created after meticulous conceptualizing, planning, and development.

“Prospective customers choose Shizzle Marketing over other marketing agencies because of our purpose-driven, positioning strategy -- based on our integrated marketing and specialized service offerings, customer obsession, and awareness, our data-driven design approach and execution, and prioritizing and honing-in on what our customers value,” VP for Product Rod Paulino says. “We approach our customer's problems with unique and distinctive points of view -- through innovation, collaboration, and iteration until we ultimately produce a final product that is delightful, memorable, and purposeful. All-in-all, we strive to build cohesive and effective marketing collateral, sharpen our digital fluency, bring businesses closer to their customers, and drive favorable sales by amplifying visibility and brand awareness.”

Shizzle provides businesses with the most extensive strategies for SEO, content marketing, email marketing, website design & development, social media marketing, PPC, graphic design, photography & video marketing, marketing strategy, branding & rebranding, trade shows & conferences, marketing automation, and business intelligence & analytics.

So, what makes Shizzle Marketing a cut above the rest?

Charie Arellano, the team’s elite Quality Assurance Analyst expressed, “We turn your business dreams into reality.”

“Shizzle is not just your marketing partner - we are your partner for your ultimate success,” Jean Legaspi, the team’s fabulous Software Engineer remarked.

Michael Manaog, the team’s persistent Product Manager articulated, “Our tactical approach on focusing on high ROI strategies with the mix of digital and traditional marketing strategies results in an unfair advantage to our clients.”

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