Facebook Introduced Story’s Public Comments

Facebook Introduced Story’s Public Comments

Currently, you can send your comments on your friend’s Facebook stories by sending private replies. Facebook wants to change that.

Check out this tweet from Matt Navarra that shows how this feature looks like.

Facebook is on a roll on improving user engagement, especially on limited-time features such as the Pride month update rolled out earlier this month.

By adding a public comment feature, it allows anyone to leave comments that the public can read. For avid social media users and business owners like you (who cares for audience engagement), this new feature will open an avenue to generate more traffic to your content.

Also, adding new ways to engage with your audience could only mean more opportunities for your brand to strengthen your connection to your followers.

Know the fact that public comments help trigger more reactions and shares. Those spark a healthy conversation which is a key ingredient to make your content go viral.

Don’t get too excited yet though. This feature is only available to limited users as of this writing. We’ll keep you posted on any progress on this story.

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