Facebook Launches New Features in Celebration of the Pride Month

Facebook Launches New Features in Celebration of the Pride Month
Let us all celebrate Pride month - Facebook's way

June is Pride month.

To help users celebrate, Facebook launched a set of new features and tools inside the app.

First on the list is the new Facebook logo integrated with the colorful and animated Pride logo which was designed by a Berlin-based artist Jasmina El Bouamraoui.

Facebook logo in rainbow-colored font.

Next, are the custom avatars, stickers, and backgrounds for posts on your news feed and stories.

Two mobile phones with one screen showing the Pride post background and the other showing the Pride stickers.

A custom feed for #Pride is also set up to showcase related content from groups, publishers, and public figures.

Facebook didn’t stop there.

Messenger also has new Pride backgrounds and chat themes.

Screenshot of the Pride stickers from Facebook.

Let’s jump to Instagram where a range of new stickers are also out, all the while bringing the rainbow hashtags back.

Two mobile phone screen showing Instagram with Pride-themed photos..

When you use any Pride-related hashtags, your text will automatically be rainbow-colored.

Pride month is an important opportunity to show support to the LGBTQ+ community. So, Facebook made it a point to let the community know that they are welcome and supported.

Let us all celebrate Pride month. Cheers!

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