Google’s 10th Ad Safety Report Is Out

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Google’s 10th Ad Safety Report Is Out Approximately 3.1 billion ads blocked, 6.4 billion others restricted

During the March 17, Google’s 2021 Annual Ad Safety Report marked a decade-long effort of cleaning up its ad space.

In their initial report in 2011, 130 million ads were blocked.

In 2020, approximately 3.1 billion violators were blocked or removed and 6.4 billion ads were restricted.

Google’s efforts are to filter out malicious and misleading ads. These ads may look ordinary at first glance but create a harmful user experience. Google then created policies with automated reviews to help prevent similar instances.

Google said that malicious advertisers are getting smarter. True enough. There is a drastic increase in misleading ads and scams. Just last year, over 99 million ads claiming to cure Covid-19 and untested vaccines were blocked.

But nothing to worry about. Google said they are on top of it.

“We will continue to invest in policies, our team of experts, and enforcement technology to stay ahead of potential threats.”

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