Google Page Experience to Debut by June on Mobile

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Google Page Experience to Debut by June on Mobile

Google’s Page Experience update will begin partially in mid-June followed by full rollout by August, says Martin Splitt, search developer advocate for Google.

Splitt was featured on the Search Engine Journal Show where he was asked about Core Web Vitals and Page Experience updates.

The Page Experience was initially scheduled to be deployed this month of May but was later pushed to June for some reason.

Splitt told the show that the update will be done gradually. It won’t be like flicking an on/off switch. He said:

“It will gradually roll out, it will gradually add things to the mix of signals and it will gradually start being effective. So not like a full-on switch from nothing to all of it, and there’s no date announced yet.
… I think the timeline is roughly starting mid-June, and then should be fully in effect at some point in August.”

We know that the rollout will affect both mobile and desktop platforms based on previous reports. The question is, are they going to deploy the update on both platforms at the same time?

Splitt cleared that too and says:

“At the beginning, we will definitely roll out for mobile-first and then eventually desktop will join the mix as well.”

This means that website owner should not panic if their site’s desktop version is not yet ready for the update by mid-June.

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