Instagram Disappointed Publishers With Their Video Ad-Revenue Sharing Program

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Revenues are yet to be realized here

Last year, Instagram let publishers upload long-form videos - previously known as IGTV - and it became an ad-revenue sharing program. But sadly, publishers were not satisfied with the results.

According to an article, one publisher described the program as “underwhelming”. Other publishers are not so subtle and went on saying they are “getting nothing”.

According to Instagram’s terms, the video creator gets to keep at least 55% of the revenue for every ad that shows up.

Instagram declined to comment as of this writing.

As much as these publishers are disappointed with not getting the result they wanted, they look for other ways to earn. Now, they are repurposing their videos on Facebook and Youtube.

In the end, publishers say they wouldn’t be surprised if they won’t profit from this program. Because, honestly, they have been uploading long-form videos on Instagram long before this program was launched anyway

On the other hand, Adam Mosseri posted this lookahead for 2022:

He said they are planning to “consolidate all of our video formats around Reels and continue to grow that product”.

If that’s the case, where does it leave the video ad-sharing program? For now, no one knows.

All that’s clear for now is that brands should be on Instagram. It’s important to be present and to grow their followers there.

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