Meta Introduces Improved 3D Avatars Along With Instagram

Metaverse is coming… and another evolution is here

In line with remaining relevant in this ever-evolving world, Meta released updated and improved 3D avatars on Facebook and Messenger on Jan. 31.

Two female avatars showing the same face with eyeglasses and body type but one on the left is wearing a gray shirt and jeans while the one on the right is wearing yellow blazer with white inner blouse and matching yellow pants.

This is an example of a custom avatar that can be used in Instagram stories and DMs.

These 3D avatars were already an option way back in 2019 but today Meta offers more facial features and customization to users to better mirror people’s unique characteristics. Meta also adds more inclusive personalization including cochlear implants, hearing aids, and wheelchairs.

It’s not just on Facebook.

Now, Instagram will also incorporate these 3D avatars into their Stories and DMs.

In addition, there’s an opportunity to show some love to the Super Bowl. As they said, “From now until February 28th, you’ll be able to outfit your Avatar to support either of the two Super Bowl LVI contenders – or if you can’t bring yourself to cheer for either team, there’s also a neutral Super Bowl LVI shirt you can choose instead.”

Meta’s new 3D avatar features are available to US, Canada, and Mexico users for now.

In its hope in building Metaverse, customization of avatars or characters is a must. People are aware of Roblox and Fortnite - being the likes of Metaverse - where one can easily buy “skins” depending on the latest trend or real-life events.

Currently, Meta is looking to offer photorealistic avatars which can be a true representation of oneself in the future.

For now, Facebook and Instagram users should satisfy themselves with these cartoony depictions of themselves. Like this one from Mark himself:

Mark Zuckerberg's avatar on his profile photo.

Meta is positioning itself as the first one to introduce a realistic depiction of oneself which can be one’s virtual identity in a virtual world like Metaverse.

So, brace yourself cyber space. Metaverse is coming.

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