Update on Google’s Product Review Algorithm

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Update on Google's Product Review Algorithm

See how Google’s updated algorithm on product review impacts content and pages.

April 2021, Google updated its Product Reviews algorithm. According to Google, this update rewards “product reviews that share in-depth research, rather than thin content that simply summarizes a bunch of products.”

Let’s dive a little deeper into this update…

Google said that the Product Review update is not a core update. But, in their official announcement, it is stated that Google’s advice on core updates is also applicable here.

For me, it totally makes sense!

For everyone’s information, it is called core update when Google takes a more qualitative look at a page or site to determine its authority and relevance.

This is to offer users more meaningful and notably appropriate content.

Google’s most recent core update was in December 2020.

So, don’t belittle this Google Product Review update as it seems to be similar with the core updates we know.

Here’s something noteworthy: Google knows the difference between marketing or sales pitches and strict informational product reviews. So, be aware. Don’t try to disguise a sales pitch into a product review. Google won’t buy that.

Site owners have to help users choose a product or learn how to use it. So, owners will help easing this update by:
1. Post a buyer’s guide
2. List down product specifications

In the simplest sentence: Post actual buyer’s product reviews. Don’t try to deceive users - Google is on the lookout.

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