What Will Twitter’s New CEO Bring To The Table?

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Parag Agrawal is the new Twitter CEO effective immediately.

An official press release on Nov. 29 stated that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey resigned and was replaced by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Parag Agrawal effective immediately.

What will this change bring to the Twitter world?

Parag Agrawal served as Twitter’s CTO since 2017 which makes him a company veteran. He brings a product-oriented approach which may have some value-added benefits to his new role as CEO.

One of the biggest criticisms Twitter received is its lack of major innovations that result in a plateau.

Currently, version 5.9’s key components are not yet ready for release. They are now working on it to stabilize.

"The hope is that the new CEO will really invest in the kinds of innovation on the platform that will continue to make it relevant to the next-generation consumer and user base, and hence, advertisers," said Mike Proulx, VP and Research Director at Forrester Research.

As shocking as this may seem to be, the Twitterverse sure welcomes new and innovative heads to lead the organization to new and undiscovered heights.

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