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Engage with your audience face-to-face and leave an impactful impression.

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Make new friends at trade shows

And deepen existing relationships which both leads to more money in your pocket!

Done the right way, your business can build quality connections and leads that translate to sales. Trade shows and Conferences has its ups and downs, even represents a significant investment so it makes real sense to partner with professionals that have the expertise in the field.

Big or small businesses alike can leverage these events to promote their brands. Mass numbers of companies are dedicating sponsorships to these events to reach their audience in a more personal way.

Industry and niche-specific

Conferences are goldmines of opportunity!

At Conferences, when you present on a topic you understand, it's a chance to share your wisdom. Speaking shows you're an authoritative, intelligent figure in your field that can be trusted.

The key to speaking opportunities is to promote your business in a subtle but relevant way!

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Hiring an Integrated Marketing Agency

The goal of any trade show is to make connections. After the excitement and magic of a trade show ends, people often forget to follow-up on leads and in-turn, kills your ROI. This only indicated that your real work is yet to start.

It’s crucial that your partner agency has expertise in many areas of marketing to maximize all the channels that can be utilized.

At Shizzle, awareness strategies such as website, print and social media, and various marketing mediums work hand-in-hand to deliver the best ROI possible at those trade shows and conferences.

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