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Charissa Arellano, Top Tier QA

Charissa Arellano

QA Analyst
Christian Rei Lee, Prime Technical Designer

Christian Rei Lee

Technical Designer
Geno Boy Resurreccion, Worthy QA Intern

Geno Boy Resurreccion

QA Analyst
Jay Noriel Navera, Commendable QA Intern

Jay Noriel Navera

QA Analyst
Jean Legaspi, Superb Software Engineer

Jean Legaspi

Software Engineer
Jonathan Indick, High-Calibre CTO

Jonathan Indick

VP of Engineering
Joshua Gonzales, Dauntless Designer

Joshua Gonzales

Technical Designer
Leigh Setiram Paculan, Competent Customer Success Manager

Leigh Setiram Paculan

Customer Success Manager
Ma. Erwell Marquez, Exemplary Software Engineer Intern

Ma. Erwell Marquez

Software Engineer
Maria Talavera, Winning Writer

Maria Talavera

Customer Success Manager
Michael Castro, Exceptional Software Engineer

Michael Castro

Software Engineer
Michael Manaog, Branding Ambassador

Michael Manaog

Product Manager
Mike Hogan, Dashing CEO

Mike Hogan

Modesto Relente, Jr., Software Engineer Extraordinaire


Software Engineer
Richelle Malapit, Vivacious Designer

Richelle Malapit

Technical Designer
Rod Paulino, Charismatic CMO


VP of Product
Sharie, Customer Success Manager of Shizzle Marketing


Customer Success Manager