Google Page Experience Will Be Updated On May 2021

Google will highlight great page experience in the search results.

According to Google, a new ranking algorithm will take effect on May 2021. The announcement was made last year which gave some time for the public to prepare.

The update is focused on page experience. Google will also rank search results based on page experience - in addition to the current metrics.

Google already rolled out its metrics on page experience. Some metrics include mobile-friendliness, page speed update, and safe browsing.

In his recent interviews and tweets, Google’s Danny Sullivan assured the public that this new algorithm will not cause disturbing trouble.

Sullivan said, “I think if you go back and look at how we’ve had these sorts of things over it really isn’t that okay, then the next day everything completely changes. There’s no intent to try to do that, even though we might say we start using this as a factor.”

He further tweeted (@dannysullivan), “I said it shouldn’t be the case that overnight, we flip some type of switch and there’s a massive change. That’s not typically how rollouts of this nature (such as speed, mobile-friendly) have worked. And also that things tend to be relative…”

Since the announcement, the SEO community has split opinions - some are taking it seriously and some are downplaying it. There are speculations that imposing Core Web Vitals will benefit Google only.

What does it have to do with the site owners?

You have to take action and optimize your site for mobile viewing, improving site speed, and alt text for images.

But wait. Page experience is not everything.

As Google puts it, “Great page experience doesn’t override having great page content.”

This new algorithm will roll out soon, so it won’t hurt to be ready.

Graph showing Core Web Vitals metrics: Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability, and Mobile Friendly, Safe Browsing, HTTPS, and No Intrusive Interstitials pointing to Search Signals for Page Experience.

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