Instagram Adds Option Map Search To Discover Businesses Easier

Users can now easily search for businesses’ information and location

Instagram is live testing a new feature in Australia and New Zealand called ‘Map Search’ - which will help users find business information and location using the in-app map.

Users who have the availability of this feature will see the map sign on the upper right corner of the Discovery tab. Upon clicking, users will have a view of the ‘Map Search’ - showing various hotels, brands, and restaurants. When the user clicks on one result, it will show all related information about the establishment.

mobile phone screen showing Instagram’s new Map Search feature

Some information displayed for businesses is address, hours of operation, and price information. There is also access to its IG profile and display of public posts tagged to them. Although price information is not yet displayed, for now, it’ll be an update for the future. There are restaurants that display price information per meal.

Instagram’s Location Stories is also back!

Users can - again - post public Stories tagging a location that will show up in IG’s map.

‘Map Search’ sure is interesting and a lot of users are waiting for it. But as of now, there’s no update on its official launch yet.

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